Why List With Us?

Advertise — It's our promise that your listing with us will receive maximum exposure to the right prospects locally, nationally and internationally. Our exclusive, global affiliations with Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate and Classic Properties International allows us to market your listing to the finest luxury real estate brokers in the world, in over 85 countries in addition to our other partner websites. All of our marketing dollars are spent focusing only on John's Island and John's Island properties. We are 100% dedicated to John's Island and nowhere else.

Beneficial — We assist the John's Island community in maintaining its high standards of quality and excellence, and have been serving John's Island - and only John's Island - for over 45 years!

Charity — John's Island Real Estate Company continues to be the market leader. We believe it is our responsibility to make our community in which we live and work a better place. The organizations we support are diverse, and our philanthropic resume reads as a "Who's Who" among nonprofit agencies. Our chairman, Bob Gibb, has been a driving force behind many of the most successful charity agencies in Indian River County.

Disclosure — Our sales executives understand the importance of disclosing to clients all material facts known about a particular property.

Experience — Collectively, our real estate professionals represent more than over 120+ years of experience in real property transactions. We know how to sell John's Island because we are experts in understanding all aspects of the John's Island lifestyle and property ownership including memberships, fees and assessments, water management and architectural review standards. In fact, our professional Sales Executives are all year-round John's Island residents! Each of us brings the experience required to close multi-million dollar sales in this very special place.

Follow Up — We commit to a relationship that doesn't stop after the sale. We want our clients to remain completely satisfied long after closing. Networking equals success. We leverage our contacts to feel John's Island and only John's Island.

Guidance — We assist you in all aspects of purchasing your new home, from the first offer through closing and even the little things like utilities transfer and change of address with the post office, notarizing documents, and more.

Honesty — The honesty and integrity of our sales executives and staff is not just something we're proud of, it's something we insist upon.

Information — Our sales office is open and accessible seven days a week, so that you have instant access to any information you desire about the listed property. Our power and popular website is the only comprehensive internet resource focused soley on John's Island and John's Island properties.

Judicious — Several of our sales executives have more than five decades of experience in real estate. That's a lot of wisdom!

Knowledge — We want you to be as knowledgeable as possible about your transaction before closing.

Licensed — John's Island Real Estate Company is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker.

Memberships — Partnering with our global affiliates Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate and Classic Properties International allows us to market your listing to the finest luxury real estate brokers in the world.

Network — John's Island Real Estate Company maintains an affiliate network of world-wide brokers who assist in marketing John's Island properties. These brokers specialize in luxury real estate in their respective communities. Word spreads fast in all the right circles.

Only — We are the only on-site Broker, and invest 100% of our time and resources on John's Island properties & the John's Island community. 

Prospects — Finding the right people means being in the right places. Our professional sales executives all live on John's Island year-round, and are 100% committed to John's Island. Our focus has become woven into the very fabric of who we are and what we do. We leverage our contacts to sell John's Island maintain an active list of highly qualified prospects in our database.

Qualified — Not only are our Sales Executives experienced, but they are year-round residents of the John's Island community, making them 100% committed. We don't wait for buyers to come to us, we go directly to them. We leverage our exclusive relationships built up since the founding of John's Island…since 1969!

Resourceful — Whether buying or listing your property, our team is always willing to go the extra mile to assist our client with any needs that arise.

Strategically located — John's Island Real Estate Company is the only on-site Broker, conveniently located just inside the main west gate of John's Island. Open 7 days a week.

Targeted — Our laser-targeted marketing gives your listing the showcase it deserves. Our strong on-line presence, participation with social media combined with geographically targeted campaigns and lead generation programs, we make sure the right people see your listings. Because we fish in better ponds, we get the right bites. And our entire marketing and promotional budget is focused exclusively on John's Island and John's Island properties. 

Understand — We are familiar with all aspects of the John's Island lifestyle and property ownership including architectural review standards, memberships, fees and assessments.

Vitality — The unparalleled John's Island lifestyle offers a unique blend of vitality, elegance and style.

Willingness — You'll find an uncommon willingness in our Sales Executives to bring you the best service in the industry, even beyond the transaction.

Xtremely dedicated — We vow to see that the original developer's vision continues into the future. We live on John's Island. We love John's Island.

Years — Count them - over 120+ years of combined experience. That's the John's Island Real Estate Company commitment.

Zealous — That defines our desire to help match you with the perfect John's Island residence.